A Pledge for India

I will first listen to the voices of those who do not have a voice.

I will try to help every young person find their dream.

I will not let a single person live in fear.

I will allow no one to treat a women with disrespect.

I resolve to work tirelessly to send every child to school.

I Pledge, in every way, to put India first.

Today’s tough times call for a strong and experienced leader to make the right – and at times tough – decisions. In the present political landscape, there is none to match BJP/NDA’s prime ministerial candidate, Shri Lal Krishna Advani, in integrity, political experience, societal leadership and administrative acumen.

The Advani @ Campus programme is designed as a grassroots campaign that seeks to contact and mobilise young voters in thousands of college campuses across the country. As per the programme design, several hundred young campaigners—drawn from the same educational and professional background as students in the various campuses—would fan out to over 5,000 colleges and talk to the student community on the vital issues facing the nation. They would also communicate Shri Advaniji’s vision for Young India, as part of his agenda for Good Governance, Development and Security.

Advani Campus Programme

A Nationwide Initiative

Advani @ Campus is a campaign to mobilize the voice of the student community for CHANGE. Big change in the way India is being governed. Change that will usher in

  • Ambitious initiatives to transform the economy with massive increase in employment
  • Resolve to raise India’s global ranking in Human Development Index from 128 to TOP TEN
  • Far-reaching Good Governance reforms
  • Justice for All, Appeasement of None
  • Zero-Tolerance approach to combat terrorism

Advani @ Campus is a nationwide initiative

To listen to your views so they can be integrated into our future Agenda of Governance.

To invite you to join the campaign and become AN AGENT OF CHANGE.