No Question of Hung Parliament After LS Poll

Indian Express | 22 Feb 2014

Senior BJP leader L K Advani today said there was no question of coming Lok Sabha elections throwing up a hung Parliament and he was optimistic that BJP will emerge as the single-largest party with its highest-ever tally so far.

Hitting out at the Congress for its mal-governance and corruption, Advani today predicted its lowest-ever tally for the national party which has dominated the country's polity since independence.

"There is no question of a hung Parliament," he said when asked about the outcome of the next Lok Sabha elections.

Claiming that the situation was in favour of BJP this time around, the veteran party leader said he has never seen such an atmosphere for his party.

"There has never been such a good atmosphere in favour of the BJP. There has never been such a bad situation for the Congress, one of the prominent political party in the fray.

BJP will get the maximum score this time, which will be the highest ever in the history of the party," he said.

Attacking the Congress, he said, the political party which has dominated the country's polity since independence will emerge as the "weakest" in the upcoming election and get its lowest-ever tally, probably never registered in its history.

Asked for reasons for such a state of the Congress, Advani said, "it is due to mal-governance, corruption and policy paralysis of the governments led by it."

Advani was talking to reporters in the presence of Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj at the party's headquarters here today.