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Ek Kaam Desh Ke Naam, Advaniji tells Young India

Monday, 12 January 2009

12 Jan, Bangalore: Shri L K Advani today called on the youth to dedicate their life to undertaking constructive work for the country. “Ek kaam desh ke naam,” is the new mantra he gave them.

Arriving in Bangalore to unveil a statue of Swami Vivekananda at a function organised by the Ramkrishna Mission, Advaniji also addressed a large public gathering in which he laid out five ideas for empowering young Indians to build a stronger, more prosperous and more secure country. He also said that, if elected, the NDA Government at the Centre would pursue these ideas vigorously with appropriate policies and programmes.

1. Education for Man-Making and Nation-Building

• Ensure that every Indian child--irrespective of caste, religion, class or language--grows to her or his fullest potential.

2. Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health

• Revolutionise the healthcare system in India by ensuring that the basic needs of every citizen are taken care of.

• Promotion of excellence in sports must be made a national campaign. To begin with, create sports facilities in every school, a sports stadium in every taluka, and a youth hostel in every district.

3. Employment-intensive Economic Growth

• Productive employment to every able-bodied individual.

4. Promotion of Patriotism and National Values

• Opportunities for our students, especially those belonging to disadvantaged backgrounds, to travel across the country.

• The library movement has to be vastly expanded by promoting good literature.

• The power of the Internet must be fully harnessed to promote national integration.

5. Promotion of Volunteerism Among the Youth

• Revamping programmes like NCC and NSS, to channelise the enormous energy of our students and youth to achieve goals such as Swachcha Bharat (Clean India), Swastha Bharat (Healthy India), Saakshar Bharat (Literate and Educated India), and Surakshit Bharat (Secure India).

However, Advaniji appealed to the youth of India not to wait for the Government to take the initiative: "As a first step, even before a comprehensive plan is drawn up by the future Government, I appeal to my young friends to take up in their own neighbourhoods, educational institutions or workplaces a national service campaign that may be called EK KAAM DESH KE NAAM.” As a matter of fact, tens of thousands of young people are already engaged in such voluntary activities. I urge them to write to me about their activities and these shall be publicized on my website ."